Antispasmodic, Antacids and Enzymes

Antispasmodic, Antacids And Enzyme Tablets

We have a wide range for antispasmodic, antacids and enzyme tablets.
Antispasmodic are basically used for muscle spasm.
Antacids a per the name sounds is used for relieving the stomach acids,remove indigestion and to stop heartburn problem.
 Enzyme:  As we know that these the catalyst and helps to increase the reactions. So these are useful in speeding up many catabolic and metabolic reactions.

We are the manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of product under these categories


Tise 10 is the product useful for digestion.
it is one of the proteolytic enzyme used for speeding up many metabolic reaction in our body

Tranex- M

These are basically used as anti inflammatory painkillers.
it is also known as non steroidal noninflammatory product.
it is used in heavy surgical pain, arthrihitis pain and menstrual bleeding


It is a enzyme product and used and antiinflammatory drugs.
we are the exports of this product in georgia under the name of bitrypsin.
elfins other division like bitropics and nifle also have this composition with  different product names


This is a enzyme product. It is used as antiin flammatory product.
this product is manufactured under the other division of elfin that is 'biotropics'


This product is a enzymatic catalytic syrup.
it is manufactured under the other division of elfin that is nifle.

we are the exporter of these products also

Mylofin Paracetamol Tablets

This product is used for the stomach ache.
it is most considered for children.
it is also produced under other divisions of elfin.
we are alsointo the export of this product


This product is a enzymatic syrup.
used to catalyse the metabolic action in body.
this is manufactured under elfin.
we are exporting this product also.

Cunim Spas

This product is most specifically used for the easy coming
together of gas in intestine and stomach.
this is used for babies.
we are into the export manufacturing of these products also

Elfazyme Tablet

This product is used for the intestinal gas problem
and is useful in stomach ache due to gas also.
it speed up the mebolism of ourbody and help to improve the digestion proble.
this drug combination is also manufactured under the other division of elfin.

these are highly requuired medicine in general medicine.
and is considerred inboth domestic and exporting purpose also.


This product is used in treatment of constipation.
it is consumed orally.


This product is uused in treatment of stomach ache.
used for kids.

Elcid Ox

This is oral gastrointestinal medication.
it is used to treat the deudonal ulsers.

we are exporting this product also
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